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Window Signs: How to Drive Foot Traffic to your Establishment

Even with online shopping and virtual shops, it seems that nothing compares to walking in a store and buying items off the rack. To this, window signs are as popular as ever in generating foot traffic towards your business establishment.

Window signs can help turn your business around by attracting clients who may be just passers by, pedestrians and motorists. Window signs effectively draw them in by creating visually interesting and arresting designs.

Window signs are one of the most helpful and practical media you can use to maximize your spaces. You can build or generate interest for your establishment through the use of window signs alone.


Window signs, more specifically, includes window clings and adhesive backs, adhere to your glass windows or store fronts. More than decorating your windows, it serves multiple purposes that makes it a must-have item for your business or commercial establishment.

1. These window clings and adhesive backs double in utility as signs and as decorations.

2. Window signs have the potential to turn your establishment into a landmark.

3. Window signs are practical for it points out what your store is to various audiences.

4. Window signs can be made to be as interesting and as intricate to lure people to come in to the store.

5. Window signs are colorful print media that readily engages the audiences’ attention.

6. It enhances your establishment’s exposure.

Window signs may be borne out of simple concepts but they can be made into extraordinary print pieces that will truly enhance your store’s visibility. In the same process, it gives you that media mileage to promote your store or business even further.


Online printing companies offer window clings and adhesive backs for your needs. These fall under large format printing where you can blow up its size up to 63x100 inches.

Display your graphics proudly and wear on your windows. Choose opaque or clear window clings to hold up your graphic designs. Clear window signs can even be die-cut so you get a clear-cut graphic up your window front, quite literally.

Window clings are attached on clean, smooth glass surfaces without any adhesive. It works by virtue of static unlike Adhesive backs which holds its place through a bonding agent. With adhesive backs, all you have to do is peel off the backing and it stick permanently.

Driving In Clients

There are plenty of ways to attract clients but to successfully do it, you may need to explore and use these ideas, together with your window signs.

1. Become an attraction

Make sure that your window clings are a sight to behold. If you intend to use window clings or adhesive backs, make sure to do it in style appropriate to the season or your shop’s character.

2. Promotion

Nothing drives people in your store better than promotional strategies. Sale, discount, and free are words that would encourage people to venture into your store.

3. Size is everything

Make sure that your window clings and adhesive backs are prominent. Especially with busy streets and other competitors, sometimes, the only way to go about your window signs is to go big and full color. Nothing commands the eyes better than a good sized, colorful attraction.

Window signs, however as little or as much as you use them, will definitely drive clients in. Make your business thrive and become a prominent figure in your community with window signs and enjoy the wonders it could do for you.