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Vinyl Lettering used in Tradeshow Displays

When discussing vinyl lettering, people automatically tend to think of vinyl decals that are only affixed to windows. However, there are many different uses for vinyl lettering and they can be attached to many different surfaces. There are many ways that a company can use vinyl lettering to assist them at a tradeshow.

Here are some tips on how vinyl lettering can be effectively used to promote products at a trade show.

  1. The instant traveling sign. If you visit a lot of trade shows, it can be frustrating to keep hanging signs and vinyl banners over your booth. Instead of going to the extra work, you can easily create a custom sign using a sheet of MDF or plywood that has been sanded clean and painted. This sign can then be displayed using a stand and easily moved or removed when necessary. This allows you the ability to design a sign that is completely custom made. If you want to display lettering in different directions or in a specific pattern, it is very easy to install them any way you like.
  2. Tables can become signs. If you use your own tables for trade shows, you can turn them into portable signs. This works very well if your products can easily be displayed at the back of a table or at an angle. The vinyl lettering can be applied directly to the surface of the table, and can be used to advertise the product that will be placed behind it. If you have several products, this is a great way to create several signs, all on the same surface. You'll be able to take this table with you to several shows. Vinyl lettering is very durable, but it is a good idea to keep some replacement lettering on hand in case of any problems or accidents.
  3. Incorporating lettering into your displays. If you use displays for your products, such as large cardboard easels or shelves, you can easily install your vinyl lettering right on the surface. This will allow your display to serve two purposes, saving you time and space. If you are limited for the space you can use for signs at an event, this is a great way to combine the use of a single display.
  4. Customizing your message. If you want to customize a sign for a particular trade show, vinyl lettering allows you to do this very economically. The lettering can be easily removed once the show is over and you won't have to worry about never using an expensive sign again.

This is a great way to create a custom message to welcome people from a certain area or town, or to include the name of the trade show with your products. By using any of the methods above, you can easily create a custom message within minutes.