Quint’s Signs OverNITE, Inc.

Trade Show Booth Graphic Options

The type of graphic you end up with will most likely depend on the type of trade show display you purchase. If you own a pop up display, your graphics will be produced as “mural strips” (more information is provided below). If you own a modular exhibit with many customizable features, your graphic will most likely be produced as “dye-sub fabric” (more information is provided below).

The graphics you purchase should always be the centerpiece of your display. No matter how technologically advanced or durable your booth is, if the graphics are poorly conceived and poorly designed, your trade show exhibit will probably be a flop at your next show. Well designed booth graphics can turn a mediocre display into a big hit.

Mural Strips

Mural Strips are the cornerstone of any popup display you purchase. These graphics are large, laminated graphic strips that are usually aligned in sequence to form an even larger graphic backwall. They are attached to your popup exhibit with magnets, and they hang from the frame of the display by a hard, plastic material.

Dye-Sub Graphics

Dye-Sub graphics are the most popular choice for the exhibitor who is looking for fabric graphics. Most dye-sub graphics are washable, and extremely durable. The fabric is usually placed under tension to make it appear tight and flat. Your dye-sub fabric graphic has little memory, so it will not easily wrinkle (unless you ball it up to store it). Any small wrinkles that form will disappear when the fabric is stretched tight against the display.