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Tips on Working With your Designs and Graphic Artist

Window clings are just amazing to look at. As they stick to the glass, they are like modern mosaics and are like art glass stained windows that embellish magnificent, old churches.

Large format prints such as window clings now adorn many urban landscapes as they become one of advertising’s arsenals. More than anything, it gives businesses a new tool and an even bigger space to spread its marketing gospel about. Just look around your city and you will easily find a large format print product that easily grabs your attention.

Large formats prints are about size. And the bigger the size of the advertisement, the larger the attention it commands. What even makes it a whole lot better especially for window cling is that these can be placed way above building windows.

Large window clings are definitely a sight to behold. On building windows, these giant non-adhesive signs often look like illustrations that came straight out of books. Colors on transparent film and glass appear like they were made using nothing but colorful crayons and pens.

Window cling applications are virtually limitless. As long as the surface is clean and smooth, window clings can stick anywhere. Aside from windows, you may also use them to stick on appliances and metal sheets. Just be sure to protect them from being exposed directly to the elements so that they will last longer.

Designing window clings

As with all advertising mediums, designs are what gives window clings their charm. Window clings excel in promoting products or brands in the market. It ably decorates windows while holding up advertisements.

Any image or illustration can readily be adapted into a window cling print, be it transparent or opaque. Use this medium wisely and know its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some design tips to help you out in your window cling design:

1. Know no limitations. Great ideas come from the most inventive minds.

2. Remember to use as many colors as you can to enhance your work.

3. Experiment with lines.

4. Try to see which one has more impact, a graphic design oriented vertically or horizontally.

5. Know which sizes works best for your window cling design and the background it is pitted against.

6. Window clings are not just rectangles or squares. Window clings can be die cut and fashion into the shape you want.

Graphic Artists

It is only sensible to hire a graphic artist if you truly want to maximize your window cling. A graphic artist can exhibit his skill to match your concepts. Work with him instead of asking him to decide on almost everything.

1. You can decide on which colors to use and the graphic artist would know how to combine them more effectively.

2. You can dictate the color scheme you want and the graphic artist again, would make certain adjustments so that the colors you want would blend more successfully.

3. You can describe all the details you want included in your window cling and the graphic artist can lay it out for you, without the design looking scattered or too much.

4. The more detailed you are with your concept, the better can your graphic artist conceive your plans.

5. Give your graphic some room for his own style to emerge and see if it works for what you had in mind.

6. Give your graphic artists some time to create various studies on the design you want.

Working on your window cling design may time you some time, so include a time line for your design, printing and shipping so you can work well with your deadline.

Remember, window clings lasts for a long time so it really helps to give it some thought. And as you do that, it is also important to give a considerable amount of time deciding on which printing company to entrust you window cling printing to.

There are many large format printers out there so choose wisely as to who can deliver the results that you want and when you want them.