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Tips On Choosing The Right Colors For Your VinylBanner

Colors, like words, can be used as a way to express one’s self.  Large Companies all over the world spend millions on color research each year in an attempt to use colors to influence brand identity.  When you think about Wal-Mart do you see Blue? Yellow and Red for McDonalds? Red Bullseye for Target? And brown for UPS?

Those companies didn’t think of those colors overnight.  For example, McDonalds knew that the color yellow can speed up your metabolism and that the color red can evoke an emotional response of urgency.

When designing a Custom Vinyl Banner or Custom Sign that will be used to market a service or product, don’t waste your time and money by just randomly choosing colors.  Think about what you are trying to sell and who you are selling it to.  Know that colors do stir emotional reactions in consumers.

Take a look at the list of frequently used colors below and see how people associate the most commonly used colors.

  • Black: Authority, power and elegance
  • Brown: Reliability, Stability, nature and the earth
  • White: Purity, clean and innocence
  • Yellow: Happiness and warmth
  • Gold: Wealth and Prestige
  • Gray: Traditional and old age
  • Red: Love, power, sexiness, urgency, heat and danger
  • Blue: Loyalty and dependability
  • Green: Money, nature and healing
  • Orange: Warmth and ambition
Keep in mind that different hues of the same color can evoke different emotional responses.   And know that different cultures may perceive the same colors differently. Try and use colors that will evoke the emotional response you want.  For example, if you are creating a custom banner to draw in new customers to a health food store, try using colors like green and brown. 


Play around with different color schemes to see what will work best for you.  A lighter red may look better than a deeper dark red.  Don’t forget to focus on what you are trying to sell.