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Mounting your Custom Aluminum Sign

So you've purchased a new Custom Aluminum Sign and are wondering what is best way to install it. There are a numerous sign installation methods to choose from. The main goal is to ensure that the aluminum metal sign is stable and will not fall or move due to wind or other forces. Safety is important. A falling metal sign could certainly cause someone or something harm. In addition, the new sign installation should look neat and professional. Listed below are some of the more common options. We offer numerous accessories in the Sign Accessories area of our site which can be helpful.

When your new Custom Aluminum Sign is mounted correctly it should last for 10-15 years plus. Depending on the location of your sign is important too, avoid south or west facing walls in direct sunlight. The UV rays may cause slight color variations. There are many clear laminates available that can be applied to repel the UV rays and increase the life of your custom aluminum sign.

  • Use a drill press to put holes in the custom aluminum sign and mount it to a building, post, fence, or other sturdy object (if you are ordering a custom aluminum sign through Custom Online Signs, we will pre-drill the sign for you upon request)
  • Use Double Sided Tape to mount the sign to a wall, door or other flat surface.This tape works for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Purchase a Metal Sign Frame and mount the sign accordingly. Great for Yard Signs and temporary sign installations.
  • Use a pole and brackets to hang the aluminum sign.
  • Use ceiling grid clips to hang the sign from a drop ceiling.
  • Mount the custom aluminum sign on glass using Suction Cups.