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Making a Small Business Marketing Plan

Doing the things that you like to do is the most important thing when deciding to start making money out of going into any business. You must also be sure on what you are doing, and this all comes from being trained to do that certain thing. So, starting a business is mostly very exciting, even though it can get scary sometimes, because of all the business aspects you must take care of. This all can get a little simpler if you decide to make a marketing plan.

The marketing plan is very important because it sets a direction to focus on and establishes the steps to get you to your goal, thus reducing the chance for a small business to fail.

Convinced yet? Maybe the following guidelines will get you 100 % determined to put in place such a marketing plan.

Start by setting a time frame the plan must cover, as experts state that for most small business, a marketing plan that covers a one-year period is more than enough. The sales and revenue should be carefully tracked and compared against the marketing plan for that certain year and decide if the plan you developed has covered your business. If the answer is yes, then you can get on and make a marketing plan for a longer period of time, say for two to five years at the most, as it is harder for a small business to stick to a plan for such a long time. These sort of business must survive at any costs, even if surviving means changing the whole strategy and marketing goals.

Sometimes, the marketing plan must be shared with everyone who has a stake in your business, including any investors involved in it and in some cases your employees as well.
Both employers and employees can get very motivated by a marketing plan, as reading and seeing see the vision for the success of the company is a very good thing.

But on the other hand, there are cases when it must be kept a secret. This is the case when your business is meant to serve a highly specialized niche industry. I hope you see why!
To sum it up, developing a marketing plan that can be often referred to is a way of hanging on to the goals a company wishes to achieve.

Of course these plans can be amended once in a while, and especially when the success is higher than anticipated.