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How to Create Super Successful Businesses on a Tight Budget

I'm always amazed when I meet a business owner for the first time. Amazed, perhaps more by the fact that the vast majority of these business owners are absolute masters of their craft. I mean I have met people from every field imaginable who knew their trade better than anybody I've ever met.

I see passion in their eyes for what they do. I see people who sacrifice everything in order to produce the best products or deliver the most reliable service in their industry.

And yet, it's these very same people who are just squeaking by financially. It's these same people who are going out of business, barely paying rent, and working unfathomable hours for less than minimum wage!

So why do so many of these masters simply fail? The answer lies in their understanding of the most important segment of the business model, marketing. You see, marketing begins long before the business is opened and continues through until the very last day the business is in operation.

Believe it or not, although they may be the best at what they do, what they lack is expertise in the area of marketing. To most people, marketing is nothing more than a fancy word for sales. To the professional marketer, it's a discipline that requires years of study and even more years of practical application in order to truly capture the essence of the field.

Whenever I take on a new client, what I often find is a that the person is an undisputed master at a certain craft or industry. I mean they know what they are doing and there isn't a soul alive that is going to do it better. In fact, many of the business owners I meet have gone into business simply because they had such incredible talent for their craft. And they simply felt that they could do much better in their own business then they ever could working for a boss that had no respect for their talent!

Great idea… at least in principle. Going out on your own is a fantastic way to take control and do things the way you want to do them. You no longer have to answer to a boss that has no respect for you or your abilities. You no longer have to beg for a raise. Now it's all up to you. The sky's the limit.

I know that feeling well. I have seen so many people go into business for themselves and I have heard the same feelings expressed to me every time. It's a great place to be.

What often happens next is that the business owner will spend a large portion of their investment in getting all the things that they always wished that they had when they were employed. So much of their effort will go into setting up their business, getting all the tools of their craft, and making things look just right that they tend to neglect the most important aspect of all… marketing!

Why I'm so successful at turning virtually any business into a huge success is that the only thing I focus on is marketing! I respect the fact that the business owner is a bonafide master at their craft, and I would never dispute that with anybody. But, I am the master at marketing, which is my craft.

I know the best way to present products and services so that people will want to buy them. I know, often just by listening to the business owner, what's missing in the marketing mix to turn a failing business into a successful one.

Very often I see business owners, masters at what they do, sit there with blank stares on their faces as they wait for the telephone to ring! They sit there with little or no idea of what they can do to bring in more business! When I ask them about it, most will tell me that they have "tried everything" and nothing worked!

I'll just tell them to show me what they've tried. Often times they will pull out a single ad and tell me that they ran it one time in the local paper and they didn't get any orders! Do they ever think to consider some basic variables such as; maybe their offer was wrong, or maybe their headline was weak, or maybe their customers really don't look in that particular publication when they are ready to buy.

My role as a Business Coach is to uncover these omissions and get their marketing programs to work. I grew a business by over 600% in less than 6 months just by making a single change to an ad. Another time, a helped a business grow by more than 300% just by changing the way they had worded a sales letter.

In yet another case, I helped a business sell 50% more to their existing clients just by adding a simple form to each order! What I'm saying is that marketing does not have to be expensive, complicated, or misleading in order to have a massive effect on your bottom line.

I can't tell you just how many times I have helped a business do more business without changing the amount of money they were already investing in advertising. Imagine bringing in more business with the same advertising budget? Am I getting your attention yet? Think about it.

Or imagine being able to substantially grow your business with only a very small investment of time and resources into your marketing program? The truth is that what I am sharing with you here is no accident. These are not isolated cases, or special situations that come about once every ten years.

No, it's about everyday businesses, just like yours, that realized that they didn't know all there was to know about marketing and they got help. I have yet to work with a business that I have not been able to help grow substantially when they have applied what I have shared with them. I believe that I can help any business grow, with two caveats.

First, the business owner has to be willing to admit that they are not masters in the area of marketing. So very often I get calls from business owners who are in need of marketing help and after I agree to help them, they listen, but they'll never act on even one of my suggestions!

In these cases, there is no way that the business will prosper, and I immediately terminate my relationship with them, much to their surprise. You see, I too love to watch a business burst out and become a super success, and I love to work with people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

The second caveat is that the business owner has to be flexible. What that means is that marketing has its roots in the development of the business, so there is always the possibility to make changes to any and every part of the business at any time.

I'm often amazed at how many business owners will allow certain changes but will attach unfounded importance to other things that serve no other purpose other than to hinder sales! I've seen such things as signs that were placed where they were either hard to read or simply interfered with business, or business practices that downright insulted clients!

I've seen so many of these things and it's always interesting to find out why they exist, but it's even more intriguing to find out why they are not changeable! Listen, in business, everything is up for negotiation. If it's not working, change it. If not, it'll cost you. In time, it may even cost you your business, so flexibility is vital.

If it can be improved, it's important to be open to trying a new way of doing things. This is the only way a business grows, by doing something new, or improving upon what they are already doing.

So, if all this is true, then why do so many businesses fail to make the one call that will result in increased bottom-line profits, an improved quality of life, and perhaps even an early retirement… the main reasons we go into business in the first place?

I find most business owners feel that their business is their creation and that they have been under somebody else's rule for years and now it's their turn to make the rules. Listening to another person about what to do is not an easy thing for many business owners to do.

In fact, it's the number one reason that so many businesses fail! They simply fail to realize that there are some things you absolutely must get help with… You wouldn't try to do your taxes without a professional, so why do so many business owners not get professional help with the one thing (marketing) that can make the most difference in their business?

My guess is that many business owners simply think that hiring help in the are of marketing is a major expense. They see the ad campaigns on television and hear that a single ad can cost a million dollars and they get scared.

Well, let me fill you in! The truth is that you can advertise on television for as little as 5 dollars per ad. You can get into the local paper for under $100 and you can hire a Business Coach to help you plan your marketing for less than the cost of lunch for the month!

Yes, it's absolutely true! And, you know what else, those companies that know this are the ones that I was talking about that have grown immensely in a very short period time! It's not because they invested thousands in their marketing.

In fact, that company that grew 600% in less than 6 months is today still spending the exact same amount on advertising as they were before I worked with them! And not one cent more! Yet another company actually reduced their advertising budget from almost one million dollars to just $250,00 and increased their sales 40% in the process!

Still another company I worked with actually cut their advertising budget out altogether and grew 300% in 90 days by selling more to their existing clients!

It's not about how much money you spend. It's about being flexible and realizing that marketing is a domain that must be mastered and it may not be your strong point. So, get help in the area of marketing.

Remember this, marketing is also the only investment you can make that can return not 10%, not 20%, but as much as 5,000% or more! And, the best part is, once you get you marketing down, you can do it over and over and over again… with much the same results every time!

Are you ready to really take your business to the next level and beyond? If so, than all you need to do is contact my office and request your free coaching session. Ask questions, tell me about your business, and I will tell you how I can help you turn your business into a super success… as I have done for so many others over the last decade.