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Custom Vinyl Movie Banners Used to Get Attention

Video stores or movie theaters can find many usesfor a Custom Vinyl Banner. Below is a perfect example ofhow a video store could use a custom vinyl banner to help advertise a specialevent that they will be having.

If yourvideo store is having a clearance sale on all of last year's hit movies, videogames or posters. You have decided that all the merchandise will be marked down50% and a free gift certificate will be given with every sale. Even before theybegin designing their banner, they will first need to go through their salelist and find the most popular merchandise that will be offered.

When thetop merchandise is selected, the store may need to check with the studio orproduction company to get permission to use the image on their banner. In mostcases, there will not be a problem obtaining this permission. Small shots ofeach front cover of the video will be used in the sign, and will need to bescanned into a digital format, if a digital format is not already available. Makethe custom vinyl banner as colorful as possible by choosing the movies thatalready have clever covers.

Placethe most popular movies in the most prominent place on your custom vinyl bannerto call attention to the stores event. Also include on your custom vinylbanner, using some vinyl lettering that you will be also giving the free giftcertificate with every sale. Include the amount of this certificate as well.The finished custom vinyl banner will be placed in front of the store so it caneasily seen and read. Now next to help you design the custom vinyl banner.

Wechoose a white background has to allow the graphics to stand out. The colorsblack and red will be used for the text. A brief promotional message will beplaced at the top of the banner. The percentage of the sale will be placed inthe center and will be in a large font.

All thegraphics will then be placed at different angles around this center text. The positioning of the graphics should call attention to the message in the centerof the sign. At least one corner of each graphic should point towards this message. The graphics themselves should be high quality and in full color.

Once thedesign of the Banner Sign has been laid out, the store's designer will need to take astep back to make sure that all of the elements are located correctly. If necessary, a mock-up can be created to get a visual idea of the overall design.

Balanceis extremely important when you are designing a promotional sign. There shouldnot be too many graphics, or too few. They should support the message of thesign and not overwhelm it.

Afterall of the graphics and the text are finalized, the store can place an orderfor their banner. This should be done in plenty of time before the event isscheduled to avoid any last minute rushing or worrying. While the store iswaiting for the Vinyl Banner to be completed, they can purchase a banner standfor their creation.

Thisstand should be sturdy and placed in a location outside of the store that isnoticeable, but not hazardous to people walking by. The entrance to the store should not be blocked by the custom banner, but rather, the banner should lead people to this entrance.