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Custom Vinyl Banners Created for A High School Marching Band

Let us,”Custom Online Signs”, help you design your next high school banner to fit the needs of your particular band. Vinyl banners can be effectively used to promote a variety of bands. If you are stuck for some ideas on how to create a banner for your band, this example of a hypothetical marching band should be of assistance. We'll walk you through each step, from the initial design phase to display. And at the end you will have a vinyl custom banner your school will be proud to display.

Our high school marching band needs a special Vinyl Banner for an upcoming band competition. The first step is to designing their custom banner is to get some ideas from the other schools in the competition. If you take the time to see what the other banners will look like, this school can be assured that their custom vinyl banner will stand out and reflect what their band is all about.

When they have gotten together all this information, it should be made into a list of features. When the desirable features have been separated from the undesirable, the school can begin to decide what they want their banner to look like.

Since this will be a high school banner, the school's colors will be used. This school's colors are blue and gold and their uniforms also are this same color scheme.. First, a decision will have to be made on the background color of the banner. What color should they use? It is recommended to design two identical Text Banners, one with a blue background and one with a gold background, using alternating text colors for each one.

At this time, they will be able to get an idea of which background color is more appropriate. The band uniforms can also be helpful in this process. If they are mostly blue then a gold background will stand out from the uniforms well, and vice versa. Since a vinyl banner for this type of band is usually displayed at about waist high, if the background color of the uniforms is the same as the banner, it can be hard to see.

The school decides on a gold vinyl banner with blue text, since their uniforms are mostly blue. This will allow the people in the bleachers to easily see their banner, and the name of the school. Now they will move on to the design elements. The school logo is in line art, and looks well in bold.

The school's name will be placed in the center of the banner, and two logos will be on either side of this text. Since this school won last year's competition, a short message in white will be displayed above the school's name to point this out. A third color is recommended for this type of message to separate it from the rest of the text.

Now that the design process is complete, the banner is ready to be made. Now it is time for the school to figure out how to make it easy for two band members to carry the banner. Two short poles will be used, one on each end of the banner.

The banner will be secured to these poles tightly, to avoid any sagging in the middle. Two people will be elected to carry the banner, using the poles to stretch it tight.

This is just one example of how a banner can be used for a band. Take some time to brainstorm and you'll be ready to implement your own idea in a very short time.