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Business Communications - Your Basket of Marketing Tools

While many small businesses are aware they need business communications, the very term serves to mystify them. Granted that it exudes an indefinable quality, but business communications refers to a whole basket of important, helpful goodies for all businesses.

Creating Web Copy
Probably the most important element of business communications is copywriting. It is used in all your advertising and for your website. Copywriting is how and what you say about your business, your products and your services. Effective copywriting is what gets a potential customer interested in your product and then makes him or her go out and buy it.

One aspect of copywriting is publicity. Publicity involves writing press releases which you then distribute in order to attract public attention and to generate positive coverage for your company.

As does writing newsletters for your customers helps you cultivate good customer relations while keeping them up to date on the latest happening and events at your company, like unique discount sales or new products or offers. And it creates a sense of belonging to a community, one that is always there.

Brochures, flyers and the like are products you could use to promote your business and increase sales. Here again, good copywriting is very important. These products need to be eye catching, tastefully designed and must show your business in the best light possible.

The people who help keep your business going such as your suppliers, clients, financial backers, etc., are very important and you need to communicate with them on a regular basis. Nowadays, with all the advances in technology, business letters can be emailed or faxed. They can also be delivered by courier or sent the old fashioned way, through the post. Whichever method you choose, business correspondence is the life line of your organization.

Internal Communications
This is any activity that takes place within your company. Memos and messages count as business communications, as do phone calls and meetings. Anytime you are communicating something that has to do with taking care of your company to others in the company, that is business communications. Keeping your employees informed and making sure that they fully understand your expectations is very important. It cuts down on misunderstandings and increases the productivity of the company. It also creates a much better atmosphere.

Promotional Items
These things are sometimes kitschy but they draw attention to your business. They communicate in that they bring awareness of your company. They communicate your presence and viability as a business. Many of these things are simple and can be easily carried around. Business cards are the most obvious of the promotion products, but other items can include things like pens, tote bags, shirts, appointment books, key chains, and funny little toys. While some of these items may be a little campy, at least they grab people's attention.