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Business Card Design Guidelines: the Good and the Bad

Business card send out first impressions to potential customers. Isn’t it such a wonder how a little piece of card can initiate contracts and attract clients? Business cards, no matter how small they are, have the power to make or break future projects. Business card design, hence, plays a very important role from beginning to end.

It is important for business card design to convey appropriate image that will instantly become noticeable. Business card design is a representation of the business and will serve as a stage for future interactions with clients.

Designs must then serve not only as an aesthetic quality of business cards. It must also be functional for businesses and their objectives largely varies.

Large corporations are known to have a business card design with the company’s logo, tagline, and other relevant information. But as with the change of the times, the different industries, and the discriminating tastes of today’s clients, business card design have continued to evolve in more ways than one.

Design Guidelines

Nevertheless, what a great business card design doesn’t forget are the most basic measures to make for captivating and effective design.

The Good:

• The most effective business card design for large businesses has lots of blank space and has a very clean look.

• The information necessary must be clearly presented and easy to read. Everything must be pointblank.

• Standard fonts convey solidity and familiarity to the public.

The Bad:

• Business card design for large corporations should never be busy.

• Fonts should not be playful and size must not vary too much.

• The logo must not be complex or all over the card.

• Colors should never be bright and too contrasting.

Although the aforementioned rules are ideal and are considered as standards in business card design, not all of these are applicable for everyone.

While these standards contribute to a professional look, other businesses may find it too dull. Such that companies like small-scale businesses and enterprising individuals need business card designs that will stand out from the rest of the competition.

The Good:

• Bold colors and bright graphics must be used in business card design in order to catch the eye.

• Graphic element in the business card design such as photographs or images that depicts the nature of your service or product helps memory retention. This helps your clients identify you and recall you better.

• Though a lot of artwork entails this type of business card design, images must be of high quality. Avoid clip art images that are available to just about anyone.

The Bad:

• Business card design for small companies should not be plain or else it will just drown amongst so many other business cards.

• Bold colors and bright graphics must be used but the card must not be too busy. It shouldn’t clutter the space nor hide information.

• Creativity comes handy here and are always welcomed.

Remember too to make business cards in standard size. This way, it’ll easily fit standard business card holders or wallets. This makes your clients more eager to keep your business cards.

A great business card design is as important as its quality. Make sure that your business card design, nevertheless, are printed by experts who knows just how to bring out the beauty of your design