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Blank Windshield Strip Installation Instructions


1) All products are designed for installation on the outside of the vehicle.

2) Required Items include an installation squeegee (included), masking tape, glass cleaner, dry paper towels, measuring tape or ruler.

3) Do not apply any vinyl graphics in direct sunlight. Make sure it is between 60 degrees and 80 degrees F. Park the vehickle in the garage or in the shade. Let the surface cool if hot.

4) Do not store unapplied graphics in direct sunlight - damage may occur.

5) All dirt, grease and wax must be removed from the car surface before the decal is applied. This includes wax from mechanical car washes, rain-x, compound, etc. Failure to take this step may result in the decal not sticking to the vehicle surface.

STEP 1 - UNPACK THE SHIPPING CONTAINERRemove the blank strip from packaging. Lay the strip flat on a smooth table in an area that is at least 60° F and below 80° F.

STEP 2 - PREPARE THE SURFACEThe most important step during decal installation is making sure the installation area is clean and dry. Make sure there is NO WAX, RAIN-X, COMPOUND, lint, dust, or other residue on the surface. Remove all wax, compound residue, car wash protectant, etc with Rubbing Alcohol or Denatured Alcohol, etc. After cleaning the surface, go over the surface with regular glass cleaner. Wipe it dry.

STEP 3 - MARK THE WINDSHIELDWith a tape measure and parking pencil, measure and mark the windshield post where the desired bottom edge will be of the strip when installed. Be sure to measure down the same amount on both sides of the windshield. Be sure to check your local laws regarding placement of vinyl on the windshield.

STEP 4 - PLACE ONE SECTION OF THE BLANK STRIP IN PLACEWith a friend's help, take the blank strip, and hold it across the windshield. There should be extra on top past the top of the window, more in the center of the window because of the curve.

STEP 5 REMOVE THE PAPER BACKING OFF THE VINYL WINDSHIELD STRIP Lay the vinyl strip face down on the table. Starting in a corner, peel off the paper backing leaving the exposed adhesive side up.

STEP 6 SPRAY DOWN THE WINDOW AND ADHESIVE SIDE OF DECAL WITH SOAPY WATER Only use a few drops of liquid dish soap per spray bottle, then spray down both the surface of the windshield and the back of the decal (the sticky side)

STEP 7 WITH A FRIEND APPLY AND POSITION THE WINDSHIELD STRIPThis step can be done by yourself, but is much easier and “funner” with a friend. Gently pickup the decal at both ends, walk it over to the vehicle and place in position. Next use a squeegee to work out all the air and water. Start by pressing gently from one corner to the opposite corner. Then apply a bit more pressure to work out the remaining air and water. Some small bubbles of water may be present, but will disappear when the water totally dries, Parking in the direct sun after installation helps.

STEP 8 - TRIM AROUND THE WINDSHIELD POSTOnce the entire strip is applied, use a new razor blade or exacto knife to trim the strip at the edge of the window. Take your time and be patient. Taking care not to cut into the rubber seal if any. Then peel away the excess vinyl and discard.



Once the decal is installed, to keep it looking new, simply wash it whenever you wash the vehicle. You can apply car wax, clearcoat, or RainEx over the decal once it is applied. your new decal will give you years of great looks. If you are in cold climate be careful when using an ice scraper on any surface where decals are applied.