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Banners used as Band Promotion

One of the reasons for designing your own Custom Vinyl Banners is to promote the name of your band. These banners are easy to design and display and can become a portable advertisement for your band. If you need a way to let your audience know who you are, you may want to consider adding a custom vinyl banner to your act.

This example will showcase how a sample band can effectively use a custom banner to promote their act. The entire process from the design phase to the display process will be easily explained.

Our sample band is theater band, which tours around their state, playing several different events a month. They currently do not have a custom banner and are relying on club owners to spread the word around about their band and what they do. . This doesn't always work and many people in the audiences may not know who this band is or even that the band can be rented out for their special theater events.

In order to solve this problem, the theater band decides to create a vinyl banner. This custom banner will display the name of their band, as well as the names of the members. The vinyl banner will also be used to inform the audience of the style and personality of the band members, which will make the band members become more as real people..

The vinyl banner will need to be created in bright noticeable colors. There are no set uniforms or clothes for the band, so they will not need to worry about coordinating their sign. Instead, they are free to get creative with their color choices.

This band decides to use a black background with vibrant, neon yellow and green vinyl lettering. They will put the theater masks on either side to promote that the band does theater music. This color combination will work well in dark bars as well as outdoor venues and will ensure that most people in the audience will be able to see it. The yellow and green neon lettering contrasts well with the dark background and will be visible even in low-light conditions.

The bands name will be displayed in the center of the banner, they will use a font that is bold and large. This font's letters will be wide so that the name can be easily read, even from a distance. As we mentioned earlier, the names of the five members of the band will be integrated into the design. If desired digital image of each band member can be placed also on the banner..

This can be done in a creative way by using graphics that reflect what the member plays or does in the band. The drummer's name will be displayed in the upper left corner, right below a graphic of a drum set. Or a picture of him can be displayed playing the drums. The lead singer's name will be displayed in the center, next to a graphic of a microphone. Or again, a digital picture of him. The other bands members will be displayed the same way. This is one of the benefits about creating your own personal vinyl banner. The freedom to be create

Now that the design process is complete, the band will be ready to take their banner wherever they go. It can be easily hung above the stages that are available at most venues, using ropes and brackets, or outside, using Ropes and Poles. This type of personalized sign will work well both indoors and outdoors and will last the band through several years.