Quint’s Signs OverNITE, Inc.

Banner Product Information

Unless otherwise specified all of our Banners are constructed on a 10 oz. or a 14 mil Vinyl Banner material. The following is a brief description of our 10 oz. and 14 mil. Banners. Both materials will be hemmed and grommeted every 2 ft. unless otherwise specified.

Our 10 oz. banners are double lock stitched to increase the durability and improve the appearance of your banner. The competition's chain stitching is not as durable and if the stitching breaks, the entire seam can come unraveled. 10 oz. banners can be used for most normal banner applications.

Our 14 mil. Banners are constructed from a glossy PVC scrim banner vinyl. This banner material was specially designed for print in exterior applications. We use this banner material on all of our full color banner orders. Note: Heavier banner material, or additional grommets may be available. Additional charges will apply. Our banners are manufactured using one of two methods:

  1. We add the text and graphics to the banner using a high quality Vinyl Decal. This method will delay the time it takes for the banner to fade. However it costs a bit more and does not give us the creative freedom that printing offers. Most of our banners will be printed.
  2. We actually print the text and graphics to the banner. This method is more economical and gives us much more freedom to create full color banners.


Our Pennant Banners are constructed from a weather resistant 4-mil polyethylene. Each style of pennant contains printed colors on clear poly film and double sewn on a plastic covered high strength, sag resistant header. Made in the USA.


All of our Pennants, and Banners carry a 1-year warranty against Fading or discoloration. Since wind, installation and other elements beyond our control can have a drastic effect on how long banners will last without tearing, we do not offer any warranty against tearing or other physical damage to our banners

1Redneck Peeon NIKE BOY
Aluminum Sign 6x12 inches
Aluminum Sign 6x12 inches
4x4 Mudder Windshield Banner
Aluminum Sign 6x6 inches
Crazy Calvin Peeon Decal
Crazy Calvin Peeon Decal
Yard Sign 12x18 inches
Aluminum Sign 6x6 inches
Boat Lettering